temi GO Self-Weight is 60 kg, and the total weight with payload is 86 kg.


The display size is 13.3 inches with the 1920X1080 screen resolution, and it uses Android 11 system.


temi GO has a very good movement and spin radius to find accurate location, its Max Linear speed is 1 m / sec.


For delivering, floor conditions are the most important. temi GO can patrol very well with its good step climbing, slope angle,and gap crossing.


temi GO can do mapping for more than 1,000 locations, and the max map size is 15-20 K.


temi GO was built with a 50 cm system outer diameter, and the perfect body maximum height measured 115 centimeters with a tablet. It works along with Lidar, Hub wheel and Castor wheel.


3 deliveries per session with top compartment that can contain 8 kg and 10 kg for bottom compartment.


temi GO is powerful, its working time for battery for normal usage is 8 hours and 3 hours for heavy usage. It takes 4 hours to charge with powered OFF.

Connectivity + Remote Interface

temi GO can connect to WiFi, 4G / 5G, BT, SDK and temi center/mobile app temi center.


With its 35-meter Lidar range, temi GO has very good sensing that can detect ground obstacles and the height obstacle from 12-150 cm.


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