About Yape


YAPE is a self-driving droid for last-mile delivery. It is a revolutionary solution for delivery services, concerning food and small goods, that can be applied indoor as well as outdoor, providing low-contact services.

YAPE can easily interact with the environment and it can stroll autonomously within private and smart spaces. Moreover, its reconfigurable glove compartment can fit with different delivery services, from parcel to food.

Support 5G

Yape Use Cases

Thanks to its versatility, Yape is now used within different contexts (outdoor – indoor) providing engaging and premium services to customers.

Areas Where Yape Are Used
Community villages and residences
University campuses
Factories and Warehouse
Unmanned Deliveries

YAPE is a delivery robot and a robotic digital technology. With its two-wheels and symmetry makes YAPE maneuverable, and potentially perform very well. It has a secured inner container and the 3D environment perception system, YAPE can make completely unmanned deliveries.

Support 5G

YAPE won the pre-commercial 5G trial in Italy in partnership with Vodafone and has announced other commercial partnerships in Europe and in the USA with global leaders in food delivery, retail, e-commerce and travellers assistance in airports.

Elevator Operation

YAPE Last Mile Delivery is a decent-sized delivery robot. It can be safely operated in elevators, and it is suitable for hotels, buildings, offices, and condominiums for delivering items, parcels, documents, including food with its large compartment which can hold up to 10 kilograms.

Indoor and Outdoor Purpose

Two wheels of YAPE Last Mile Delivery make it a self-stabilized autonomous vehicle that can actively avoid the obstacles for both indoor and outdoor use. Also, YAPE is eco-friendly around the building facilities, villages, and it is conveniently used in a sustainable way with no carbon emissions.

Maximum Load Capacity

Safe and secured compartment for 45 L -38 W – 90 H (cm) with a maximum load of 10 Kg. that can suitably deliver parcels, mails, documents, food and small components.


With dimension 70 L - 70 W - 90 H [cm] which makes YAPE autonomously move so agilely.


Receiver's Authentication keeps delivered goods safely traced.


Li-Ion battery with 8 hours duration usage and 4 hours for charging.


The speed is up to 3.6 [km/h] indoor and to 6 [km/h] on sidewalk.

Agility In Tight Spaces

Maneuverable and agile in multiple environments from tight spaces to outdoor areas.


With its 360 3D LiDAR, YAPE is anti-collision and is a gentleman who always gives directions to others.


With self-stabilized technology, it can drive on slope and over rough terrain.


Two-wheels and symmetry make it a better driving sense for a good reverse and U-Turn.


Lift-operated, and can be comfortably used in the elevator.


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