temitemi is an incredible innovative robot that helps business to grow successfully; low cost, useful, contactless and many more. temi can recognize and follow, save preset locations, and navigate flawlessly while connecting you to your business services.
Yape - Last Mile DeliveryYape is a robotic digital technology that performs securely delivering to start with food, parcels, documents to medical supplies and etc. All our robots are fully autonomous, navigating and charging, and you can monitor, keep track of the locations.
eNurseeNurse is an advantageous robot and the best helper in healthcare. It provides professional medical service and ease the workload of medical staff. Also, it fully supports Bluetooth vital sign devices such as, blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter, and etc.
temi V3Introducing the new temi V3, AI assistant robot with a premium design that can recognize and follow when requested, save preset location and patrol and etc.
temi GOtemi GO is an excellent delivery robot that is innovatively built with what you need in mind. It can be adapted in the new business world in the digital era.


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